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Mental Playbook 

This Mental Playbook is a place where you can record detailed descriptions about the positive and negative events that you have experienced, what it means to you and what you have learned from the experience. Failing to reflect can cause you to be in the same negative situations with no growth. ​​​​​ This journal is designed for you to have a place to reflect, learn from your mistakes and progress in the right direction. Getting your thoughts out of your head in a meaningful way is important or else we will become frustrated trying to sort things out. If we don't track our progress, how do we get better if we don't learn from our mistakes?! In this Playbook, there is a pre-season section where you can set the foundation and note your motivation, support system, goals and create a pre-performance routine. In the season section of the playbook you will find your game logs, there is a total of 40 game logs so it should be more than enough for a regular season. Lastly, the post-season section of the playbook is where you reflect on your entire season once it has ended.

The goal is to become more aware of how you play, what makes you play better, what prevents you from playing well, and simply finding your consistency to play at your peak every single time. ​​​​ My goal for you is to gain clarity in who you are as an athlete and what you need to improve on, not just physically but mentally as well. It's ok if you have no idea, that's the point of this journal if used correctly, sometimes it's easy to see what you need to work on mentally, but sometimes it's not. ​This journal is primarily used to increase your awareness, if you need additional guidance on specfic mental concerns that enhance performance, cope with the pressures of competition, recover from injuries, hit personal game goals, enjoy your sport and avoid burnout, don't hesitate to contact me.

This book is currently priced at $30 (+S&H)